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Auto Crushers Inc. – Denver’s Salvage Yard

Auto Crushers Inc. is proud to provide quality service to the Denver and surrounding areas and when you visit our junkyard you can expect to find one of the most comprehensive collections of used auto parts. You can also count on us for : Scrap Metal Recycling, Selling Your Junk Car and Buying Salvage Cars.

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  • Quality service
  • 50+ years of experience
  • “If we don’t have it”, we can get it”
  • Environment-friendly
  • Cash for Scrap Metal and Junk Cars
  • Serving Denver and all surrounding areas
  • I had such a great experience!


    I was referred to this company by a wrecking yard in California. I called to find a specific part. They took a phone order from me and I had my part inside of a week for a very reasonable price. The part fixed a problem I had been dealing with for some time now.

    I was weary of doing business this way at first but I had such a great experience that I wanted to write a review for anyone on the fence about doing business with this company. Thank You Auto Crushers!

  • The cars we drive say a lot about us.

    Chris G.

    Auto Crushers is the best in Denver WITHOUT QUESTION. I've been to many yards and these guys are the best by far. I usually get a roll off but if I have to drive or send one of my guys I will always go to Auto Crushers even though they aren't the closest to me. Honest, good guys. Definitely recommend.

  • I love fast cars... and to go too fast in them.

    George Jimenez

    Joe and the gang are great. Very helpful and honest.

Affordable Used Auto Parts

When it comes to auto parts, most people overlook salvage yards and pick new parts from either a dealership or buy it new at extremely high prices. On the off chance that you would like to get a kick out of your auto repair adventure, you should look at a junkyard to find affordable auto parts in Denver instead of spending your hard earned money on new parts.

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Our salvage yard is constantly receiving fresh inventory.
We offer a huge inventory of new and used auto parts at
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How To Find Cheap Auto Parts in Denver

Junkyards come in two types: you pick & pull and full-service: At you-picks, clients bring their own tools and pull the parts out from salvage cars. Full-service yards will simply pull the auto part(s) for you.

When finding a junkyard, call beforehand to figure out what their specialty is. Some scrapyards specialize in domestic cars, others in foreign cars like Japanese, German or vintage autos. Auto Crushers specializes in both, domestic and foreign, and different makes and models.

If you think you have a rare auto, call and inquire as to whether they have your model before stopping by and wandering around. The probability of finding that window-wrench handle for your Triumph TR7 is really low in light of the fact that the supply and requests aren’t there. Then again, remember that junkyards purchase salvage, totaled and abandoned autos every day, so their inventory is always changing and some of them, like us, have a national network of yards where they can help you find the auto part that you need.

Process to find cheap auto parts at a Junkyard

The scariest part for junkyard newbies is going through the doors. Before venturing into the yard, a staff member will request your signature on a document that vindicates the yard of any obligation or liability in the case you have an accident inside the yard, like drop a motor on yourself.

After you sign that document, then you need to pay a small fee to enter the yard.

Cheap Auto Parts in DenverIn a well-managed scrapyard, like, Auto Crusher’s Inc, is logic in the way the salvage cars are placed. The sought after cars are kept in the front. That is the place you’ll discover the vehicles that constantly break down or are have high accident rates. On the other hand, older, rare or cars that don’t usually breakdown will likely be in the back. Parcels are usually separated by the vehicle manufacturer or Domestic vs. Foreign cars.

Unfortunately, some yards might just have just a mess of cars with no logic at all. Some yard management are simply just lazy..

Auto Crushers, conveniently offers you a guide of the grounds when you come in to find your used auto part. We are also a full-service yard, where we pull the part for you.

The main thing to search for when you go to a scrapyard is the price sheet. Instead of putting price labels on every single part of a car, salvage yards create a price list for all the different car parts and generic prices for each of them. Because of this, the price savings between a new car part vs. a used car part can be fantastic!

While searching for parts, don’t just get the first one that matches your needs. Continue looking and inspect it properly, ensuring it is not broken. Auto Crushers has a database of every single car component to make it easy for you to find and compare what you need. Also, remember that before purchasing an electrical part, test it to guarantee it works. Junkyards more often than not have 12-volt sources, like batteries, that you can use.

In some cases, you would have to break the auto apart to pull the specific part you need, but please try not to break anything another person may need. Also, please note that not everyone works in a safe manner, so before you start working on pulling any parts from a car, examine your surrounding and make sure you start working in a safe working condition.

Other Benefits of Going to a Junkyard to find affordable used car parts

Other Benefits of Going to a Junkyard to find affordable used car parts
Many people go to a salvage yard to buy used car parts. However, there are different things to do in junkyards. Some people go to these yards to pick out expensive car parts to sell them online. But you can also go to a scrapyard to learn about a car. Each auto is made somewhat different, and any mechanic will tell you that the ideal way to learn how anything work is to take it apart. Search for a part you want to learn more about, dismantle it, and after that have a go at assembling it back. On the off chance that it doesn’t work again, that is alright. Got a major venture coming up and need some practice? Junkyards Junkyards are an incredible approach to experiment with a repair or change before the actual work happens. A yard is truly what you make of it—whether you go for parts or mechanical trip, simply try to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

Tools to bring for your trip to the junkyard

Taking tools to the yard is somewhat like making arrangements for camping trip: You have to carry every tool you bring with you. Because of that, pack the minimum necessities and leave the optional tools in your auto, in the event that something goes wrong. Here are the must-have tools to bring with you for an effective and effortless for a Denver salvage yard trip.

Tools List

Pulling Junkyard Car Parts Tutorial

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