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Auto Crushers Inc. – Denver’s Salvage Yard

Auto Crushers Inc. is proud to provide quality service to the Denver and surrounding areas offering metal recycling services for all types of metal such as brass, iron, steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

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  • Quality service
  • 50+ years of experience
  • “If we don’t have it”, we can get it”
  • Environment-friendly
  • Cash for Scrap Metal and Junk Cars
  • Serving Denver and all surrounding areas
  • I had such a great experience!


    I was referred to this company by a wrecking yard in California. I called to find a specific part. They took a phone order from me and I had my part inside of a week for a very reasonable price. The part fixed a problem I had been dealing with for some time now.

    I was weary of doing business this way at first but I had such a great experience that I wanted to write a review for anyone on the fence about doing business with this company. Thank You Auto Crushers!

  • The cars we drive say a lot about us.

    Chris G.

    Auto Crushers is the best in Denver WITHOUT QUESTION. I've been to many yards and these guys are the best by far. I usually get a roll off but if I have to drive or send one of my guys I will always go to Auto Crushers even though they aren't the closest to me. Honest, good guys. Definitely recommend.

  • I love fast cars... and to go too fast in them.

    George Jimenez

    Joe and the gang are great. Very helpful and honest.

We Buy Scrap Metal!

We don’t like it when there is metal lying around, rusting and going to waste without adding value to anyone or anything. To avoid such situations and ugly sights, we will give you CASH for that extra junk you don’t need. Once you hand over your scrap metal for recycling, even if it is a small weight piece of steel or that junk car that doesn’t run anymore, you will be doing something good for the environment and encouragingly, you are getting paid. See? This kind of business is a win-win for everyone, and you go home smiling at how easy you got that money.
We will buy your scrap metal, used electronics, appliances, junk cars or any other metal out there at best market rate prices and then turn them into something usable by recycling them.


Ferrous (Steel Scrap)

  • Heavy Melt (HMS)
  • Shredded
  • Busheling
  • Bundles
  • Plate and Structural
  • Turnings
  • Cast Iron Appliances
  • Tin
  • Car Bodies


  • Sheet Aluminum
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Aluminum Beverage Cans
  • Aluminum Turnings
  • Irony Aluminum
  • Segregated Aluminum Alloys (1100, 5000, 3000, 2000, and 7000 series)
  • Extrusions


  • Bare Bright Copper
  • #1 Copper
  • #2 Copper
  • Lite Copper
  • Insulated Copper Wire
  • Lead Copper Wire


  • Clean Die Cast
  • Irony Die Cast


  • Yellow Brass
  • Red Brass
  • Brass Shavings
  • Plumbers Brass
  • Other Brass Alloys
  • Stainless Steel/Nickel Alloys

Stainless Steel/Nickel Alloys

  • 304 (18-8) Stainless
  • 316 Stainless
  • Stainless Turnings
  • Irony Stainless
  • High Temp Alloys
  • Nickel Alloys


  • Soft Lead
  • Batteries
  • Babbitt

We Pay Cash for Scrap Metal! CALL US for current prices!

Know Your Scrap Metal

It is always good to know your stuff, including your scrap metals, so you have a better understanding of some jargon our staff might use.

Difference between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Scrap metal encompasses every metal type including clothes hangers to aluminum foils and any recycled metal. Many curbside metal collection services can include aluminum soft drinks and alcoholic drinks cans.

scrap metal denverIt all zeros into Iron percentage present in your recyclable scrap metal.

Ferrous metals have a higher percentage of Iron and a small percentage say, of carbon and other elements which give it the desired property. It is also very magnetic and susceptible to corrosion. Examples of ferrous metal are steel, scraps from a demolition site or even metal off cuts.
Non-Ferrous metals, on the other hand, have a low percentage of Iron, are not magnetic and are fairly resistant to corrosion. Nonferrous metals are expensive than ferrous metals because of their inherent properties they possess like resistant to corrosion, their low-weight nature or their high conductivity. Examples include Brass, Copper, Lead or Zinc.

We buy both ferrous and non-ferrous metal and offer recycling services.

Understanding Metal Recycling Process

1. Collection:Metal Recycling Denver

We collect metal as part of our daily activity when wrecking severely damage cars or when onsite visits. We also have a scrap metal collection site within our junkyard where you can drop off any metal you have collected. We pick metal from your home or site depending on the amount of metal you have collected.

2. Sorting:

Sorting involves separating between what is non-recyclable to what is recyclable. The quality of any recycled metal is totally dependent on the quality of materials used during the recycling process.

3. Processing:

This step involves squeezing the metal using a squashing machine. This process will guarantee that the metal will not occupy large spaces on the conveyor belt.

4. Shredding:

Shredding breaks the metal into small pieces or sheets to facilitate further processing. These smaller pieces have a larger surface to volume ratio which means that less energy will be used to melt them. Steel is made into steel blocks, and aluminum is shredded into sheets.

5. Melting:

Melting of scrap metals happens in large furnaces that have been specifically used to melt a particular metal based on its unique element combination. These furnaces use a lot of energy but lesser than the energy required to make metal from its raw material. Melting the scrap metal can take minutes or hours depending on the specific metal and the amount of metal fed into the furnace.

6. Purification:

Using electrolysis or passing the melted metal under a very powerful magnetic field will purify it. Purifying metal guarantee that the final product is free of any recyclable impurities and the highest quality possible.

7. Cooling:

Cooling or solidifying the molten metal happens in a cooling chamber. To give the molten metal the right density and properties combination, other chemicals are added at this stage. It is the cooling stage that the molten metal is designed into different shapes and sizes.

8. Transportation:

The last step in our scrap metal recycling process is transporting the metal bars to factories and customers who require this product. Our unique process of melting scrap metal and our keenness at every stage has continued to help us produce the highest quality recycled metal.

Our commitment to recycle metal is influenced by these key factors

  1. Environmental conservation by eliminating the danger posed by rotting metal. Recycling metal also means that mining is slowed down by reusing the available metal available.
  2. Limiting the production of carbon dioxide the single gas responsible for global warming. Recycling, not only metals but also other recyclable material will greatly reduce the danger posed by global warming.
  3. Recycled metal has continued to gain popularity and has become a preferred material. If fully exploited, metal recycled and the end product is a huge boost to any economy. We are a clear example of this fact. Our recycled metal is a key revenue contributor.
  4. Recycling metal requires lesser energy that mining metal ore. If more scrap metal is recycled and recycled again, it means that we will lower the need for metal ore and lower our energy consumption in the process.

Even if you have no vehicle to sell to us now, you have some scrap metal lying somewhere in your yard or basement. Give us a call today at (303) 781-4200 or click here to fill out our online form.